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International Trade Is An Old Subject - 2086 Words

International trade is an old subject, but it continues to increase its relevance thanks to the intensification of links between countries. In fact, they are now more than ever interconnected through trade in goods and services, through cash flows and investments. These phenomena increase pervasively due to the growing trend toward globalization. Therefore, many theories, which highlight the gains from trade, were created and then developed and some of them are useful to explain the current international trade. The first developers, who laid the foundation for further and more recent theories about the importance of trade between nations, were classical economists: Adam Smith and David Ricardo. According to Salvatore (2012), Smith†¦show more content†¦According to his theory, â€Å"even if one nation is less efficient than the other nation in the production of both commodities, there is still a basis for mutual beneficial trade† (Salvatore, 2012, p.35). A country may be more efficient in the production of both goods, but it will still have a comparative advantage in the production of a single good, the one that uses resources in the most efficient way compared to alternative production (ibid). The mistake made by Ricardo was that his model revolved around the labour theory of value, which states that the relative prices of commodities are proportional to the amount of work incorporated into them (Bellino, 2012). This assumption is not reflected in real life, thus, the law of comparative advantage was redrafted by Haberler (Salvatore, 2012) in terms of opportunity cost. Accordingly, a country has a comparative advantage in the production of a good whether the opportunity cost of its production is lower than in the other country (Salvatore, 2012). This last notion is defined as the units of a good that a country has to give up in order to produce one additional unit of the other good (ibid). This concept is also called marginal rate of transformation, which is explained by the absolute value of the slope of the production possibility frontier (PPF) (ibid). In fact, this frontier symbolises the maximum amount of a commodity that can be supplied once it is decided the extent of the

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Understanding and Using Loops in Delphi Programming

The loop is a common element in all programming languages. Delphi has three control structures that execute blocks of code repeatedly: for, repeat ... until and while ... do. The FOR loop Suppose we need to repeat an operation a fixed number of times. // show 1,2,3,4,5 message boxesvar j: integer;beginfor j : 1 to 5 dobeginShowMessage(Box: IntToStr(j)) ;end;end; The value of a control variable (j), which is really just a counter, determines how many times a for statement runs. The keyword for sets up a counter. In the preceding example, the starting value for the counter is set to 1. The ending value is set to 5.When the for statement begins running the counter variable is set to the starting value. Delphi than checks whether the value for the counter is less than the ending value. If the value is greater, nothing is done (program execution jumps to the line of code immediately following the for loop code block). If the starting value is less than the ending value, the body of the loop is executed (here: the message box is displayed). Finally, Delphi adds 1 to the counter and starts the process again. Sometimes it is necessary to count backward. The downto keyword specifies that the value of a counter should be decremented by one each time the loop executes (it is not possible to specify an increment / decrement other than one). An example of a for loop that counts backward. var j: integer;beginfor j : 5 downto 1 dobeginShowMessage(T minus IntToStr(j) seconds) ;end;ShowMessage(For sequence executed!) ;end; Note: its important that you never change the value of the control variable in the middle of the loop. Doing so will cause errors. Nested FOR loops Writing a for loop within another for loop (nesting loops) is very useful when you want to fill / display data in a table or a grid. var k,j: integer;begin//this double loop is executed 4x416 timesfor k: 1 to 4 dofor j: 4 downto 1 doShowMessage(Box: IntToStr(k) , IntToStr(j)) ;end; The rule for nesting for-next loops is simple: the inner loop (j counter) must be completed before the next statement for the outer loop is encountered (k counter). We can have triply or quadruply nested loops, or even more. Note: Generally, the begin and end keywords are not strictly required, as you can see. If begin and end are not used, the statement immediately following the for statement is considered the body of the loop. The FOR-IN loop If you have Delphi 2005 or any newer version, you can use the new for-element-in-collection style iteration over containers. The following example demonstrates iteration over string expressions: for each char in string check if the character is either a or e or i. consts About Delphi Programming;varc : char;beginfor c in s dobeginif c in [a,e,i] thenbegin// do somethingend;end;end; The WHILE and REPEAT loops Sometimes we wont know exactly how many times a loop should cycle. What if we want to repeat an operation until we reach a specific goal? The most important difference between the while-do loop and the repeat-until loop is that the code of the repeat statement is always executed at least once. The general pattern when we write a repeat (and while) type of loop in Delphi is as follows: repeatbeginstatements;end;until condition true while condition true dobeginstatements;end; Here is the code to show 5 successive message boxes using repeat-until: varj: integer;beginj:0;repeatbeginj : j 1;ShowMessage(Box:IntToStr(j)) ;end;until j 5;end; As you can see, the repeat statement evaluates a condition at the end of the loop (therefore repeat loop is executed for sure at least once). The while statement, on the other hand, evaluates a condition at the beginning of the loop. Since the test is being done at the top, we will usually need to make sure that the condition makes sense before the loop is processed, if this is not true the compiler may decide to remove the loop from the code. var j: integer;beginj:0;while j 5 dobeginj:j1;ShowMessage(Box:IntToStr(j)) ;end;end; Break and Continue The Break and Continue procedures can be used to control the flow of repetitive statements: The Break procedure causes the flow of control to exit a for, while, or repeat statement and continue at the next statement following the loop statement. Continue allows the flow of control to proceed to the next iteration of repeating operation.

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Film Analysis Essay on Crash (2004) Free Essays

The movie â€Å"Crash† – from director and producer Paul Haggis – pictures one day in the lives of various characters in Los Angeles, all of them from different social and racial backgrounds but nevertheless connected and intertwined throughout the story. The movie’s story is being told in a mostly chronological way, except that it puts one scene to the very beginning of the film and then cuts back to the day prior, indicated by the visual text â€Å"yesterday†. In this first sequence, detectives Graham Waters and his partner Ria have been rearended when they arrive at a crime scene, leading to a fight between Hispanic Ria and the accident responsible, furious Chinese Kim Lee, involving race-related insults towards each other. We will write a custom essay sample on Film Analysis Essay on Crash (2004) or any similar topic only for you Order Now Breaking through the temporal order and showing everything that has happened prior to this fight gives the explanation why Kim Lee is so furious and why she was in such a hurry, as her husband is in hospital for being run over by a car. This strategy of playing with the viewer’s opinion and sympathy about the single characters is one that is central for the movie. Therefore a lot of prejudices are implicitly and explicitly presented through the narrative and the movie’s surface. Anthony and Peter for example are being pictured as two young adolescents just leaving a diner and discussing the (non-)discriminating treatment of the waitress. In Anthony’s opinion even other black people are racist towards Afro-Americans and that white people are scared of them although they are not even dressed like â€Å"gang-bangers†. This gives the impression of young people being worried and angry about ungrounded racial discrimination. Then the dialogue suddenly changes, both of them pull a gun and they steal the car from Rick and Jean Cabot – the two white people they just accused of having prejudices about them – leaving the viewer with a sudden change in the characterization they were given before. The movie continues like this when it shows the Hispanic locksmith Daniel Ruiz – mean-looking, tattooed and with a shaved head. Jean Cabot’s assumption about him being a Gang member who will sell the keys to their house as soon as he is out the door is consistent with his outward appearance. It is not until later in the movie, when he arrives at home taking loving care of his daughter, that the first impression is negated and turned into the opposite. Most of the characters in Crash turn out to be different than the first picture that is drawn of them all the time turning the story towards unanticipated events and revealing important information bout character backgrounds. Beyond that, it is important mentioning the complex net of connections and entanglements that occur between the characters and their stories and events. There is Jean Corbet, accusing her locksmith Daniel Ruiz of being a gang member, whose daughter is almost shot by the Persian shop owner Farhad, whose daughter works in the mortuary where Detective Graham Waters dead brother is identified as Peter, who stole Jean Corbets car, making her change the locks in her house in the first place. This list of connections could be continued with for another while, as there are more characters involved with even more links between them. This motive of connection is also shown by the cuts from one scene to the next via an audible and/or a visual connection. For instance when Ria storms out of Graham Waters apartment and slams the door after her, the film cuts to Officer John Ryan lying in his bed – suddenly being woken up by his Crash – 2004 Identity and Diversity in American Film Miriam Keller – 05/30/2012 Miriam Keller – 05/30/2012 groaning father. To the viewer it looks like he is wakes up from the slamming door, although there is no diegetic connection. Another example is the cut from Anthony and Peter just having stolen the black navigator, to the crime scene of the shooting between two drivers. As the car with Anthony and Peter drives through the picture it cuts to a police car passing by in exactly the same camera-shot and revealing the crime scene behind it. Match-cuts like this are a reoccurring stylistic element, emphasizing the just specified net of entanglements. The central topic of racism and prejudices in the movie Crash is shown from various different angles, pointing at the complexity of this issue. It states that nothing and no one can be easily characterized and the importance of looking at the bigger picture instead of pigeonholing someone. All the different characters with their intertwined stories make it clear that everyone is connected and the range of influence of one person’s behavior is further than one would expect. How to cite Film Analysis Essay on Crash (2004), Essay examples

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Multinational Corporations and Global Justice †MyAssignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about the Multinational Corporations and Global Justice. Answer: Introduction The world has increasingly become smaller due to the globalization of companies seeking to tap into new markets and enhance their business fortunes. As a result, there is the movement of labor, knowledge, and technology across the globe to complement and meet the need of competent, innovative and skilled expertise from all walks of life. These movements take the role of ensuring that people come together and work collectively in a movement to achieve certain aspects that could not have been otherwise achieved when done individually. Increased globalization in the business world has necessitated companies to comply with standardized rules and regulations for various reasons anchored to its reputation and smooth operations. Compliance to ethical and human rights issues has become vital to organizations' operations and culture. This has, therefore, forced companies to re-align their core business activities to reflect ethical standards and human rights considerations. Those that disrespect the rules are automatically subjected to scrutiny from industry-peers, media, and the general public Besides, authorities have developed a significant interest in the human rights largely due to a wave of increased illegalities and unfair treatment of workers which includes the use of child labor, low wages, discrimination and unsafe working environment. Advocating for such rights at the individual level is difficult, and thus, the coming together helps to enhance and manage the aspects (Stark, 2010). Corporations have the mandate to enforce the universal human rights standards through systems and procedures laid in collaborations with their external stakeholders. To this effect, organizations have committed resources to align their organizational structures and processes to human rights dictates to enhance the reputation of the company and increased the probability to gain market share and acquire a competitive edge (Ronnegard, 2015). Further, in a bid to uphold the rights of its employees, the company achieves motivation and high productivity from its workers through some of the below-discussed practices. Impartiality and Fairness All staff ought to be subjected to equal standards of treatment without favoritism or discrimination. Practicing these ethical standards ensures the human rights to fair treatment is not interfered with in any way. This measure is vital to the organization's unity and morale towards a common goal and objective. Unfair and impartial treatment undermines the human rights, and people feel out of the place which affects their freedom (Valdman, 2009). Thus, every business organization is expected to consider this ethical aspect and ensure that it treats its employees fairly. Organizations practice transparency through sharing information openly within and without the company. Part of the information pertains the procurement activities of the organization, recruitment, and promotions. Nevertheless, confidential information of the company is reserved for security, competitive purposes and privacy of its employees. By being transparent, companies present an opportunity to the general to scrutinize and evaluate the dealings. The media also plays a watchdog role in examining corporate organizations and revealing any unethical conducts. Restricting people from accessing the organization's information hampers the rights of people (Scherer, 2015). Therefore, every business organization is expected to practice this ethical issue to ensure that all the stakeholders have information regarding the organization. Ethics demand for the organization to provide its employees with protective gears to prevent them against burns, cuts and other forms of injuries. This measure is consistent with the human rights to health and safety in a working environment. Every business organization must establish and understand all the safety issues that exist in every job position and put in place every required safety measures to ensure that employees are safe (Snyder, 2009). Some of these actions include the providing the workers with the necessary protective gear to enhance their safety. Every business organization must ensure that the employees are working in the safe and comfortable conditions. Preservation of employees privacy Telecommunication companies are at a high risk of violating the rights to privacy of their clients and workers due to pressure from authorities. Accessing of private information and tapping to the conversation of people is a massive breach of their security because it exposes the affected to fraudsters and cyber crimes. Such a case violates the privacy rights of people (Powell Zwolinski, 2012). Example, Internet companies including Google have resisted the pressure from security agencies to allow access to private data and information of its customers is thereby compromising their safety making them vulnerable (Zwolinski, 2007). Organizations have human resource management that endeavors to investigate into their employee's frustrations and addressing their concerns to achieve maximum productivity from their labor and equally sort their rights (Strudler, 2017). Further, it is through this functionality that the culture of ethics is cultivated in the organization through rules, regulations, and systems supporting standards best practices. This is critical in helping the companies grow to increase the productivity of people which in turn improves the profitability of the organization. The corporate social responsibility is practicing ethics, fairness, and generosity to both the internal and external stakeholders to the organization. Ethics demand the team to reciprocate for the hospitality of the host communities through rolling various projects including infrastructure, enlightening the locals on new issues including health and education. The company donates resources and knowledge to the host community in a bid to improve their quality of lives. This is a positive initiative that serves to empower the community both economically and socially which upholds their human rights in various quarters. The organization's corporate social responsibility does not only help the people and community outside but also brings many benefits to the company. These include its ability to bring about the business sustainability of the organization (Lee Kotler, 2013). Ethics demands organizations to conserve the environment and ensure depletion of natural resources does not happen. On this grounds, companies are forced to dispose waste responsibly and contain their emissions so that it does not cause health hazards to the local community. It is the interest of authorities to ensure its people are not harmed by activities of companies infringing on their health rights (Wettstein, 2009). Therefore, every business enterprise is expected to be an environmental steward and activities that can negatively affect the environment. Impediment to Ethical and Human Rights Considerations Business enterprises ought to analyze challenges obstructing the full and efficient implementation of the ethical regulations which is consequential to systematic human rights risks. Among the distracters to the achievement of ethics and human rights is the cost involved to roll-out these practices. Due to this, some companies have resolved to set up their operations in countries with cheap labor and lenient human rights laws, as a strategy to cut down costs (Werhane, Hartman, Archer, Englehard Pritchard, 2013). Companies bend toward respecting and practicing human rights to gain enhanced reputation and longevity of their businesses among other benefits. They learn in the length of time how to make human rights commitment their culture within their companies and in partnership with external stakeholders. Enterprises that excel at human rights implementation over time are then able to communicate their successes and gain trust with consumers and investors (Ellis, 2007). Also, firms that are ethical and respect human rights are highly attractive to skilled and competent professionals across the globe. Conclusion In conclusion, the presence of a clear guide and standards of human rights practice enables organizations to have a level field of business activities and prevent them from potential lawsuits that can potentially damage their reputation. Additionally, companies can organize cross-functional activities that involve the leadership of the organization from top to bottom which enhances free interaction and socialization of the employees. This is in a bid to break the barrier of superiority and promote the human rights to freedom of expression and socialization at free will. References Ellis, C. (2007). Telling secrets, revealing lives: Relational ethics in research with intimate others. Qualitative Inquiry, 13, 3-29. Lee, N. Kotler, P. (2013). Corporate social responsibility: doing the most good for your company and your cause Powell, B. Zwolinski, M (2012). "The Ethical and the Economic Case Against Sweatshop Labor: A Critical Assessment," Journal of Business Ethics, 107(4): 449-472. Ronnegard, D. (2015).The Fallacy of Corporate Moral Agency, New York: Springer. Scherer, A. (2015). "Can Hyper norms be Justified? Insights from the Discourse-Ethical Perspective", Business Ethics Quarterly, 25(4): 489516. Snyder, J. (2009). Whats the Matter with Price Gouging?,Business Ethics Quarterly, 19(2): 275293. Stark, A., (2010). "Business in Politics: Lobbying and the Corporate Campaign Contributions," in G.G. Brenkert and T.L. Beauchamp (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Business Ethics, New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 501532. Strudler, A. (2017). What to Do with Corporate Wealth?,Journal of Political Philosophy, (25)1: 108126. Valdman, M. (2009). "A Theory of Wrongful Exploitation," The Philosophers Imprint, 9(6) Werhane, P., Hartman, L., Archer, C., Englehardt, E. Pritchard, M. (2013).Obstacles to the Ethical Decision-Making: Mental Models, Milgram and the Problem of Obedience, New York: Cambridge University Press. Wettstein, F., (2009).Multinational Corporations and the Global Justice: Human Rights Obligations of a Quasi-Governmental Institution, Stanford, CA: Stanford Business Books. Zwolinski, M. (2007). "Sweatshops, Choice, and Exploitation," Business Ethics Quarterly, 17(4): 689727.

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The Trial of Derek Bentley and Christopher Craig Essay Example

The Trial of Derek Bentley and Christopher Craig Paper I think the speech for the prosecution is effective because it in a way leads you to believe that Craig and Bentley are just as guilty as each other, which isnt necessarily true. The speech is cleverly written by having left out certain maybe even crucial pieces of information such as Bentleys mental age of 11, which means others can easily influence him such as Craig. I dont think this was pointed out as it could have been misunderstood as slightly justifying Bentleys actions, which wouldnt have been fair in court and also the police officers wouldnt have wanted any information to be said that may in any way work to Bentleys advantage as they believe he was definitely involved in the murder of their colleague. Based on the speech alone I get a clear impression about both defendants, Bentley and Craig. To me Bentley came across as a person with vicious intent due to the weapons he possessed and his later admittance to intending to break into the building and steal what he could. We will write a custom essay sample on The Trial of Derek Bentley and Christopher Craig specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The Trial of Derek Bentley and Christopher Craig specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The Trial of Derek Bentley and Christopher Craig specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The speech does imply Bentley being very involved in the shooting because he knew Craig had a gun but however still being a follower rather than a leader as he didnt actually carry out the shooting but played a big part by shouting Let him have it, Chris. This section of the speech containing information about this statement by Bentley I told the silly bugger not to use it Was not entirely fair because it says Completely contradicted by Bentleys earlier statement, Let him have it Chris which implies that he had meant for Craig too fire the gun. This however isnt the only explanation for Bentley shouting this phrase. He could have meant for Craig to let the officer have the gun but this isnt stated in the speech and so works against Bentley. My impression of Craig straight away is that he is in fact a weak person who couldnt face the punishment for his own wrong doing because when he realized he was going to be caught by the police he threw himself off the roof in an attempt to commit suicide and avoid sentencing. As the speech continues Craig comes across as a disrespectful and rude individual as it is stated that there was a lot of swearing and abusive language spoken or shouted by him at the police officers. Spiteful was also a word that sprang to mind about Craig where it goes on to say about him shooting at PC Harrison as he crept along. From the speech I learned that Craig and Bentley were 2 young males who had set out simply to break into Barlow Parker Confectioners but ended up in a gunfight on the roof involving 4 police officers, one of which (PC Miles) was killed. The idea of Bentley assisting Craig is sort of contradicted later because when Bentley is officially under arrest on the night of the shooting he was not physically being held by Sgt Fairfax and so had many opportunities to escape or sneak up on Fairfax to injure him, however Bentley did not even recognize these opportunities let alone use them. This taught me that Bentley must be unintelligent to say the least or maybe just scared but either way he didnt take the chance available to him, as he would have done if he had set out with intent to willfully injure or kill the PCs. Craig seems to be a trustworthy friend in the eyes of Bentley and he believes what Craig tells him. This is shown in the speech when it describes Sgt Fairfax and Bentley attempting and successfully getting themselves to the safety of a doorway and Bentley tells Sgt Fairfax Hell shoot you. Obviously Bentley really believed this and has faith in his friend to help him escape but also the thought doesnt cross his mind that Craig may even go to the extent of shooting at Bentley himself in attempt to injure Sgt Fairfax and assist his (Craigs) own get away. This again shows his character is easy to take advantage of. I also learnt a fair amount about the personality of Christopher Craig after reading the speech. He is a dominating male who is looked up to and respected by his peers, Bentley in particular. This is shown by the fact that Bentley even went with him that night to do something that he knew was wrong and wouldnt have dreamed of doing before he met Craig. Although Craig cannot read or write he is very clever in a tactical way with his actions, for instance he took advantage of Bentleys child likeness and silently persuaded him to carry defensive weapons by giving them to Bentley as a gift which he knew Bentley would treasure and carry with him in hope not to lose them. Near the end of the speech it is learned that Craigs actions were in fact a method for him to in a way pay back the police force for putting his brother in jail. These actions do however show loyalty and also bring out a slightly caring (for his brother), vulnerable side to Craig. Craig hides this side of his personality behind a wall of disrespectfulness which he shows in the next breath by swearing at the approaching Police Officer and saying he hoped he had killed the lot. After reading through the speech once I immediately felt no sympathy or compassion for either of the defendants, Craig and Bentley. However after re-reading the speech and looking deeper into some of the sections I began to feel sorry for both of them in a way but for different reasons. I felt Bentley had been used simply as an accomplice and back up for Craig whenever he needed it. This made me feel bad for Bentley because he really thought he had made a friend and didnt realize he had been used. The speech later quotes Bentley was himself armed to that extent and, therefore, prepared to use violence. Which in my opinion wasnt true. As both of the weapons were given to Bentley by Craig, I think it was another scheme of Craigs to make Bentley look as guilty if not more guilty than himself so maybe he wouldnt get as harshly punished. This remark is also working totally against Bentley in the way that he didnt and probably couldnt argue back because he was as afraid as an 11 year old would be, but again the jury didnt take this into account. Bentley seems to be a confused person that often cant get out the right words for what he wants to say and later ends up contradicting himself. This is shown in the section of the speech where it clarifies Bentleys statement. It is said that while in the police car on the way to the station Bentley said I knew he had a gun; but I didnt think he would use it. And in Bentleys actual statement he again admits to having knowledge of Craigs possession of the gun by saying I did not know he was going to use the gun. Near the end of the statement however, Bentley becomes confused and says I did not have a gun and I didnt know Chris had one until he shot Although Craig was very sneaky and mean in the way he manipulated Bentley I still felt sorry for him although in a different way. Th e first thing that makes me feel this way was Craigs loyalty to his brother. He must have known he would get into a lot of trouble by firing at a police officer but he obviously felt inclined to do so, so the police wouldnt get away with taking his brother away. There must have been great deal of devotion between the siblings for one to go to such extreme measures. I began to feel sad for Craig due to the fact he must have realized the force of his actions when it was too late to undo what had been done and he felt the need to attempt suicide to avoid punishment. I didnt feel sad because of Craigs injuries but because he stooped to the level of not being able to face the music for his own actions is a very sad act. Video Case As I inspected the video case to the film Let him have it the first thing I was drawn to looking at was the intriguing title. It is written in large basic, easy to read font and is very eye catching, as it is actually the headline of a newspaper used for the title. The fact that part of a newspaper is included on the case emphasizes the fact that the story is true and it involved real people. Again bringing in realism is the quote by Iris Bentley (Derek Bentleys Mum) saying I dont want revenge I just want justice. The font used for this quote is plain and bare so the right impression is given off. For example if the letters were all swirly and old fashioned it would suggest a fairy tale like story, which would be very misleading. The background of the case is black, which to me implied an eerie and tragic film. Positioned at the bottom of the front cover of the case is the image of Bentley and Craig both dressed in typical mob clothes for the time it was set. This tells you what the film is going to be about but doesnt give away too many details and therefore you are intrigued to watch it. The newspaper reviews are also excellent as they compliment the film and make you that little bit more curious about the storyline, The Independent The hanging. one of the most jolting scenes in British cinema This quote lets you know that the trial leads one of the defendants to be hung but doesnt hint to which one and so leaves it open to interest. The Mail Powerful Daily Mail Powerful and compelling Both of these two reviews tell you that the film is very powerful, but do they mean powerful in the way that it will leave an affect on you mentally for instance you may want to offer your support to families of the characters involved or powerful in another sense? The only way to find out is too watch it. The overall effect of the video case leads you to believe you are going to watch a crime film. This is highlighted in the image of Craig more than Bent ley due to his evil smile and the position he is holding a gun. The word murder is mentioned in the blurb which obviously also implies crime. The case is well set out as it gives enough information about the film to get you interested and intrigued but doesnt give too much away about the story or the characters too make it not worth watching. I think the case is well set out but however slightly misleading. The fact that Craig is holding a gun in the picture implies that the film is going to be a typical gangster movie involving a lot of gun fights maybe in bars where masses of people get killed which isnt the case in this film. I think this may have been done cleverly as too get a wider range of people interested in watching the film. Film- Let him have it I think the purpose of this film being made is to clear Bentleys name and highlight the familys suffering. I think this because although it is a film, which connects immediately with entertainment I dont think that was the main reason it was filmed. Using film is a clever way of making money because when a new film comes out lots of people tend to go to see it out of curiosity, especially if its true as the British nation is fairly nosey when it comes to other peoples business. However as the viewers get stuck into watching the film I think they would be, like me drawn into sympathizing towards the Bentley family and hoping no court trials in the future have the same outcome. Highlighting the familys suffering is another way of making sure history doesnt repeat itself because a wide range of people would have watched the film including some judges who obviously wouldnt want to wish that amount of suffering on anyone elses family unless it be necessary. As the film is based on a true story the detailed suffering would actually be closely related to what the family really went through I think this would make a fair amount of impact on different sets of people. For example other parents whose children had been tried at court who were found not guilty would be feel very thankful that their child and the rest of the family hadnt had to go through the traumatic experience like the Bentleys and therefore may be interested in helping to clear Bentleys name. Also parents whose offspring HAD been found guilty and had been executed would relate very closely to Bentleys family and probably would offer their support in clearing Bentley as they would know how they (the Bentleys) would be feeling. I think the film would appeal to more people than expected because after the film premiered there would be a lot of talk bout it, intriguing more people to go and watch it. A wide variety of people would probably be interested in the film anyway such as judges and lawyers and other people who attend court regularly as they would be concerned about how the trial went and how the outcome came about. People who enjoy gangster type movies would also be intrigued to watch it due to the video case and the picture on the front of two males wearing mob- like clothes, which implies gangster. Avid crime film watchers would also be drawn to this film again because of the video case picture containing a gun and the blurb mentioning a murder. Probably the film would interest a lot more people but in my opinion these are the main groups. At a first glance at the case the film didnt appeal to me at all because I hate crime and murder and anything vaguely associated including films. However after watching it I thought it was very interesting especially in the courtroom scenes, as I didnt know a lot about the way court was run before. Also I ended up feeling a lot of compassion towards Derek Bentley and his family and hope I never have to experience anything close to what they went through.

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If Sentences for ESL Learners

If Sentences for ESL Learners English learners should learn if sentences, also known as conditional forms, in order to discuss various possibilities that are either realistic or imaginary. Follow the introduction below, you will find a grammar overview and explanation for each tense. Once you are familiar with these forms, use the referenced materials to practice and further your understanding of these forms. Teachers can print out the comprehension materials related to the materials, as well as the suggested lesson plans with point-by-point instructions on how to teach the conditional  forms in class. The Basics: What Are If Sentences? If sentences are used to discuss things that happen based on the condition that something else happens. There are three main types of if sentences. Use an if sentence in the first conditional to consider real, possible events in the present or future: If it rains, Ill take an umbrella. Use an if sentences in the second conditional to speculate about unreal, improbable events in the present moment or future: If I had a million dollars, Id buy a big house. An if sentence in the third conditional concerns imaginary (unreal) outcomes of past events: If he had spent more time studying, he would have passed the exam. If Sentence Forms Overview: If Sentence # 1 First Conditional If S present simple objects, S will verb objects- If the boys finish their homework early, they will play baseball. If Sentence # 2 Second Conditional If S past simple objects, S would verb objects- If he bought a new car, he would buy a Ford. If Sentence # 3 Third Conditional If S past perfect objects, S would have past participle objects- If she had seen him, she would have discussed the issues with him. Study If Sentences In Depth: Here is a detailed guide to all conditional forms with examples, important exceptions to the rules and a structured guide. The alternate guide provides options for advanced level learners. Finally, this guide to choosing between the first or second conditional provides further help on deciding whether to use the real or unreal conditional. Test Your Understanding of If Sentences: Once youve studied the rules - or if you already know the rules - test your knowledge: Conditional Forms Quiz For advanced level learners here is a reading dialogue comprehension exercise that focuses on using the third conditional. Teach a Lesson about If Sentences: This first and second conditional forms lesson employs reading comprehension about emergencies to help students discover and review the forms. Once students are comfortable with the form, they discuss other difficult or unusual situations using the first and second conditional This conditionals tic-tac-toe is a great game to help students review all three if sentence forms. Finally, here is a printable conditional form quiz to use in class. If Sentence Activities: Practice if sentences with grammar chants. Using chants, you and your classes can practice the structure so that it becomes natural and easy to remember.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Strategic Marketing Plan for Java Sumatra Research Paper

Strategic Marketing Plan for Java Sumatra - Research Paper Example With the new production capacity, the company will extend its reach to include wholesalers in the United States who offer premium coffee variants and are looking to include an additional coffee roast in their product selection. This marketing plan examines the current market environment, internal SWOT analysis, competitive universe, company mission, marketing and financial objectives, target market, positioning and market research to determine the best layout for the marketing plan. In order to achieve the sales forecast from 2009 to 2011, a comprehensive advertising and communication plan has been developed, with the internet and print advertising used at the forefront of the marketing plan. Lastly, an implementation and evaluation process is proposed to manage and control the marketing plan. In the last six years, Java Sumatra has been focused on providing a differentiated product, which is premium grade Arabica beans or roasts from Sumatra, Indonesia. By keeping to this mission, the company has developed a circle of loyal customers who trust the quality of the product and who are satisfied with its customer service promise of prompt and timely product delivery. With the spread of coffee culture in the United States, most specialty roasters and wholesalers are constantly looking to include new and innovative coffee selections to their customers and Java Sumatra understands the need to work with these roasters in order to survive in this very fragmented market where quality control is lax. As a result, Java Sumatra has gained valuable insight into attributes that are important to specialty roasters when making a purchase, the first of which is a consistent supply of quality beans. In order to meet the demands of specialty roasters and wholesalers, Java Sumatra has planned to increase its production capacity to 80,000 metric tons by 2011. SWOT Analysis The following SWOT analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses within Java Sumatra, and presents the opportunities and threats facing the company. Strengths Strong relationship with plantation owners in Sumatra. Strong relationship with specialty roasters as a reliable source of supply and consistent customer service levels. Efficient production process that keeps costs down while maintaining the quality of coffee beans. Weaknesses Dependence on a number of plantation owners restricts the supply of coffee beans and inhibits expansion plan. A limited marketing budget. Opportunities Greater awareness of this type of coffee selection provides for increase in demand for quality coffee beans. The increase in production capacity will reduce costs and allow for a competitive cost structure that rivals the bigger players in the